Youngstart are the UK’s leading manufacturer of premium quality classroom equipment. Our product range includes mobile whiteboard easels, mobile art easels, desktop easels and wall-mounted whiteboards. We’re always creating new concepts to improve your classroom experience and our range keeps growing, but with one unifying feature – a commitment to creating the highest quality easels on the market.

Each individually designed product is handmade and comes complete with our fully comprehensive, twenty five year manufacturer’s warranty “as standard.”

The Safest Classroom Easels You Can Buy

We pride ourselves on the innovation of our designs and the supreme quality of our diverse product range and each is protected with a fully comprehensive EU Patent. But above all we are proudest of how safe our easels are and believe them to be the safest available in the UK.

Take a look through our product pages and you’ll see a range borne of both invention and a belief in quality workmanship. For instance, our double-sided easels stand out from the competition in both design and construction – a safe and sturdy easel that features whiteboards with magnetic AND dry wipe functionality.

But perhaps we’re proudest of our special needs easels, adapted to be perfect for wheelchair users, whilst retaining the quality design features inherent in all our easels.

When you purchase a Youngstart easel you will be making a superb, long term investment in both your school and your pupils.


“And that’s something you can be proud of”


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