Youngstart mobile art easels are extremely stable and safe and have four different height positions to accommodate all age groups, from small children right through to adults. All height adjustments are calculated by measuring vertically from the floor to the top of the art board. The polycarbonate work surfaces are see through and “unbreakable.” Water based paints can be applied directly onto the polycarbonate sheets and then simply wiped clean or alternatively paper can be attached with bulldog clips to paint, draw, crayon etc. Every polycarbonate work surface includes a full length detachable paint pot tray, (with exception to the desktop model). All Youngstart mobile art easels are pre-fitted with four fully locking castors and include Gratnell’s storage trays where illustrated. All Youngstart easels are available in a shiny red or blue powder coated finish and come complete with a ten year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.